Fuse HVAC & Appliance Repair Cincinnati, Ohio

Heater Repair in Cincinnati, OH

Our qualified technicians performed a heater repair in Cincinnati, OH. The customer was experiencing issues with their furnace. The furnace did not heat when the thermostat was turned on. Upon diagnostics, our technicians decided to replace the pressure switch because it was not functioning properly. However, two weeks later, the customer contacted us again, mentioning that the furnace had stopped working. This time, gas was not reaching the burners, even though the igniter was active. Our technicians checked the incoming voltage to the gas valve during startup and discovered it was only receiving 9VAC. After tapping the relays on the control board a few times, the furnace began to operate. Our technicians then decided to replace the control board CES0110057-00 with ICM281. After the replacement, the furnace started functioning perfectly.